Planning a Trip to Ladakh

Everything You Need to Know about Planning a Trip to Ladakh (Travel Tips, Advice, and FAQs)

That stunning landscape you’ve seen on Instagram? That’s Ladakh, and it might just be the perfect place to go on your next vacation. If you’re planning to visit Ladakh, India, there are many things you need to know beforehand in order to get the most out of your trip. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or have been there before, you may still not be sure what things to do and where to go. The following tips will give you an idea of what you should expect and how to prepare, so that your Ladakh trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Top 17 Tourist Places in Leh Ladakh

Surrounded by high mountain ranges and blanketed with snow for most of year, Leh is one of India’s most popular destinations. The local monastery, ice-skating rink and festive markets are just some of your many options when it comes to planning an itinerary. Following are top ten tourist places in Leh Ladakh. Visit any or all of these locations while planning your trip to Leh-Ladakh

1. Leh Palace

 9. Hemis Festival

2. Magnetic Hill

10. Khardung La Pass

3. Pangong Lake

 11. Diskit Monastery

4. Lamayuru Monastery

12. Tsomoriri Lake

5. Stok Palace

13. Shanti Stupa

 6. Nubra Valley

14. Sangam At Nimmu

7. Spituk Monastery

15. Sand Dunes At Hunder

8. Sankar Gompa

16. Hemis Monastery

 Top 12 Things To Consider Before Visiting Leh Ladakh :

Are you planning on going on a trip in one of Indias most popular tourist locations? If so, there are certain things that you should take into consideration before visiting. Here are some important things to consider if you’re thinking about travelling to Ladakh.

  1. Carry a good amount of cash with you

  2. Get a postpaid connection for your trip

  3. Take a day’s rest after reaching Ladakh

  4. Carry dry snacks with you everywhere

  5. Keep toilet paper in your bag

  6. Prepare a special medical kit for Ladakh

  7. Don’t forget the essentials

  8. Pack all the warm clothes you have

  9. Carry photocopies of your identification documents

  10. Note down the district hospitals list

  11. Do hotel bookings well in advance

  12. Check the Climatic conditions


Activities For Tourists In Leh Ladakh

When visiting new places it can be hard on your wallet. But if you plan ahead, there are many free activities for tourists in Leh ladakh that will allow for a carefree experience without breaking your bank account. Plan ahead and make sure that each day is not just packed with adventure but also affordable!

Motor Biking, Cyling, Indus River Rafting, Go on a Yak & Camel Safari, Skiing, Hangout at Lala’s Art Cafe, Visit Leh Market, Spot the Leopard, Chadar Trek, Visit monasteries and many more.

What you need to know before planning your trip

How long will you be staying in Leh? If you are just passing through, four days should be enough time to see most of what you want. But if you plan on sightseeing around Leh and its neighboring areas, nine days is preferable. Once there, however, plan on spending at least half of your trip just traveling from one place to another! Remember that distance isn’t an indicator of time spent moving; many flights in India can take as long as seven hours because they stop off at multiple airports en route. Book your tickets early — don’t leave it until last minute—to avoid complications such as full flights or lost reservations.

What To Pack For Ladakh

  • Comfortable and sturdy shoes
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Cotton clothing
  • A leather jacket or any other warm jackets
  • Essential medicines
  • A good quality camera

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

The best way to get familiar with Ladakh is by interacting with its culture. This is one of those places where you need not worry about missing anything. The fun part is that you can choose what kinds of activities you’d like to do depending on your taste and interests. With tour companies offering options like adventure trips, backpacking, ski-touring, trekking and cultural tours—there’s something for everyone here. So long as it involves outdoor adventure, fun and excitement (and snow) – we’re in!

These are some of our personal favorites Skiing in Ladakh, Jeep ride to Leh Ladakh, Camel Safari on Two-Humped Camels, Bungee Jumping At Magnetic Hill, Bicycle Touring In Ladakh; Car ride without fuel At Magnetic Hill.

the list goes on and on. But if there’s any activity that encapsulates Ladakhi pride, it has to be horse riding. We love putting our feet into all things hoofed—horses included! There are tons of amazing stables around Leh ladakh for riding lessons & excursions.

Where to stay in Leh

He most important thing when planning your trip is where you’re going to stay. That choice usually comes down to visiting one of these two areas: Leh, or  other one Ladakh. Many people choose Leh because it’s slightly more developed and there are more tourist attractions, but it can also be quite crowded with tourists.

The decision here comes down to what kind of traveler you are—and just how long you plan on staying in Ladakh. Keep in mind that if you want luxury accommodations and spend little time actually exploring beyond your hotel/guesthouse room, Leh may be best for you.

If you’re only visiting Ladakh for a short period of time, or if cost is an issue, then consider booking one of these budget hotels; they’re all within walking distance of most tourist attractions.

Places Premium Luxury Super Deluxe Deluxe     Standard
Leh Ladakh Sarai Chalet  / The Abduz Singge Palace Premium/The Kaal /Shangri Ladakh


Kaseer Palace / Lakrook boutique Stay / Northen Singge Royal  Ladakh / Zion / Oriental/ Imperial / Sipa Ladakh   Kanishka / Hotel Naro / La Buddha
Nubra Stone Hedge The Dune / The Creek  / Mystic Earth Home Nubra Sarai(Hermitage)/ Hunder Sarai / Hotel Grand Nubra Hunder Sarai / Elysium Camp / Highland Desert Camp Apple Cottage / Imperial Eco Cottage/ Nubra Eco Camp



Pangong Sarai   / High lake Camp / Kora eco Resort P3 Camp /  100 Sky /Norling Camp

When is the best time to visit ladakh?


Ladakh has a cold desert climate, which makes it one of India’s most visited regions in summer. Thanks to its latitude, temperatures remain relatively mild during May and June when they rarely dip below 15°C (60°F) at night. During these months, days are sunny and clear, with daytime highs hovering around 25°C (77°F).

Another reason summer is best for visiting is because many festivals take place during that time of year. If you’re planning on visiting for religious purposes – there are tons of sacred sites across the region – spring and fall are your best bet.

The weather remains similar during other times of year, though if you can wait until after October you’ll save yourself some money on accommodation prices. Many hotels close from October through March due to low demand. No matter what time of year you go, be sure to come prepared for all kinds of weather conditions: blizzards and gale-force winds are common throughout winter while sandstorms and intense heat occur frequently in summer. Winter temperatures can drop as low as -30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit), so bring an ample amount of warm clothing!

What are some outdoor activities in ladakh?

Trekking, Camping, sightseeing, climbing etc. are some popular outdoor activities in ladakh. Himalayan mountain range is popular among nature lovers and adventure seekers. The trekkers can enjoy camping in snow-covered region of ladakh during summers which they rarely experience in their home countries.

Tso Moriri Lake is one of most beautiful lakes of world located at district Kargil which is accessible only by foot through Zoji La pass located on Line of Actual Control (LAC) with Pakistan administered Kashmir but only Border Security Force (BSF) troops are allowed to visit it due to tension between India and Pakistan over border dispute.

Leh town has many places to see like Leh Palace, Leh Gompas(Buddhist Monasteries), Shanti Stupas and more. Pangong lake is famous for its beauty among tourists and travelers. Geum Taktu peak near Nubra valley is top attraction of Ladakh as it provides glimpses into Chinese territory. Other tourist destinations like Hemis monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Diskit Monastery , Spituk Monastery where you will get mesmerizing views of mountains in all direction hence making your trip memorable forever.

What are transport options in leh-ladakh?

To reach Leh from Delhi, there are several options. Flights and train services operate for most part of year. However, during winter months of December through February flights do not operate. At such times, you will have to take one of these alternative transportation modes road travel or bus services.

There is also an helicopter service which operates during winters but only covers a limited route (Jammu-Leh) & (kargil-Leh). As for trains, all trains operating in Jammu & Kashmir pass through Udhampur and stop at Katra.  After that use road travel or bus services The road trip takes around 12–15 hours. The national highway connects major cities like Jammu, Chandigarh, Ambala, Manali etc., with each other. It further connects Chandigarh with Shimla via Kalka & Manali.

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